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CargoCube: The System


Every CargoCube® truck is equipped with stabilizers and a hydraulic lift system. The stabilizers are controlled by two switches that operate together or independently, allowing the truck to remain level on any terrain. The hydraulic lift works with the push of a button and allows for easy loading and offloading into a truck or trailer at ground level to keep cargo right side up.


CargoCube® is constructed with polyethylene and aluminum making it impact and water resistant and can be kept outside for an extended period of time. CargoCube® is constructed for easy assemble & disassembly.


Built with a single continuous nylon strap, our proprietary pulley system requires minimum labors as it is controlled by a remote that operates the system. A CargoCube® operator only needs to connect the pulley to the cubes and the system does the rest. Pulling up to 5,000 lbs.


Our Cube Jacks is a proprietary designed pallet jack system that gives you the ability to weigh each cube (up to 5,000 lbs.) safely. In addition, it allows for easy cube mobilization into parking spaces, tight areas and then back onto the truck with ease. Cube Jack is designed to only lift cubes seven inches off the ground, eliminating the risk of tipping over.

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