CargoCube® Frequently Asked Questions

At CargoCube® we believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or need further explanations on any of the items below feel free to contact us today.

CargoCube® is a domestic cross country transportation, warehousing, and storage facilitator that combines years of transportation experience with proprietary technology/equipment in order to ensure the timely and seamless secure transport of a wide variety of consumer goods.
CargoCube® employs proprietary state of the art technology in combination with a long standing history of proven operational experience to facilitate the cross country transportation, warehousing, and storage of both general and market specific freight/cargo.

Secure transportation of freight in a modular containment unit for reduced costs.

The DOT has granted CargoCube® authority to carry and transport the following commodities:

  • General Freight: Freight All Kinds (FAK); Metal: In Sheets, Coils or Rolls; Motor Vehicles: Drivable or In Tow; Lumber: Logs, Poles and Beams; Building Materials; Mobile Homes; Machinery; Large Objects; Fresh Produce; Liquids and Gases; Intermodal Containers; Oilfield Equipment; Livestock; Grain, Feed and Hay; Coal/Coke; Meat; Garbage/Refuse; US Mail; Chemicals; Commodities in Dry Bulk; Refrigerated Food; Beverages; Paper Products; Other General Freight – Not Elsewhere Defined or Mentioned
CargoCube® will route all East/West and West/East operations initially via truck pickup location to our permanent staging facility/warehouse where freight will be offloaded within it’s designated CargoCube® unit and later transferred to a rail class container which, will be sequentially delivered to its first point of rail transport where it will travel cross-country from East to West or West to East.

Once it arrives at the destination rail station the rail container will be recovered and transferred to either our destination staging location for final routing and delivery. All routing is subject to change depending on the individual requirements of each CargoCube® operation.

Standard DOT motor carrier licensing is currently our only CargoCube® driver requirement; however, requirements for rail may soon be updated making Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Cards a requirement for all individual CargoCube® operators who operate within rail areas deemed and classified as secured areas by any of the aforementioned regulatory bodies and/or agencies. This requirement will be closely monitored in order to remain compliant with all applicable regulatory agencies (such as but not limited to: the Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Homeland Security and/or the Department of Transportation).

CargoCube® is not currently DOT classified or endorsed to transport hazardous materials or dangerous goods defined by 49 CFR. If or when CargoCube® commences transport of dangerous goods/hazardous materials (as defined in 49 CFR) function specific training and certification will be required for any personnel who may participate in the handling or transport of said goods as dictated and required by the applicable provisions of 49 CFR.

Appropriate regulatory training will be provided to any and all CargoCube® personnel who are deemed responsible for the direct or indirect handling and transport of all CargoCube® freight, as required by the applicable provisions of 49 CFR.

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